Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Safety Alerts

Safety Alerts

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

As I travel the state one of the most frequent suggestions I hear from employees, individuals, families and advocates is that the agency should find more effective ways of sharing expectations, regulations, and information about incidents.

To help, this administration has come up with Health and Safety Alerts as a means of raising awareness and collective mindfulness to be proactive in identifying where health and safety may be compromised. Alerts will include regulatory and/or policy reminders, guidance, and best practices for appropriate action.

Often, regulations and other materials distributed by state government can be difficult to grasp. Our alerts will be brief and easy to understand. These emails will be released on the first of every month, with one or two additional alerts issued over the course of each month to share critical information that is brought to OPWDD’s attention from incidents, as well as potential accidents that were avoided.

We also ask for your assistance. If there is something you believe should be shared throughout the system, send us an email and we will very likely use it as a future alert. Anyone can be the driving force behind an alert, simply email your recommendation to


Courtney Burke