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EFECTIVE JUNE 30, 2013-All Reportable Incidents must be reported to the Justice Center @ 1-855-373-2122
All Reportable Incidents must also be reported to OPWDD

New OPWDD Incident Management Off Hours On-Call System:

The OPWDD Incident Management Unit will implement an on call system to receive off hours notifications and provide technical assistance to provider agencies beginning June 30, 2013.  Both Voluntary Providers and State Operations Offices must notify the IMU of Reportable Incidents and Serious Notable Occurrences.  Appropriate notifications to IMU can be made in the following ways; 

Telephone Notification

Incidents which rise to the level of Reportable Incidents must be reported via telephone during off hours.  In addition, other incidents which are egregious or are sensitive in nature should be reported in this manner as well. Whenever technical assistance is required  relative to an incident during off hours, this method should be used to reach IMU on call staff.   Please call (toll free) 1-888-479-6763.

Email Notification

Notifications of incidents which do not rise to the level of a Reportable Incident but for which immediate notification to OPWDD is required or for which technical assistance is not needed may be made by sending the following information to;

  • Name of Individual(s) receiving services
  • Name of agency reporting and area of the state (old DDSO designation)
  • Service provided and whether or not it is a certified setting
  • Classification of the Incident
  • Clear and concise description of the incident being reported including who, what, when, where, why
  • Immediate protections
  • Name and phone number of a contact person who can be reached should the IMU staff on call need to make contact about the incident being reported