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Rate Setting Information


OPWDD Fee Schedules

Listed are fee schedules for Voluntary and State Operated programs.

Case Service/Service Coordination to Willowbrook Class Members

  • State Paid Service to Willowbrook Class Members who are not MSC Enrolled  Voluntary provider agencies can be authorized to provide case management/service coordination to Willowbrook Case Members who are not eligible for Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC) due to the living setting of the Class Member.  This document provides additional information on the services, applicable fees, establishing price ID for billing, claim submission and other helpful information for OPWDD and provider agency staff.

OPWDD Template Funding

The intent of the OPWDD Template Funding is to provide reimbursement clarity to service providers who are willing to assist individuals, who meet select criteria, with living richer lives. The "template" values, eliminate the need for budget negotiation. The service provider retains the template value funding only while serving the individual. If an individual chooses to receive service from another provider, the funding follows the individual to the new service provider.

Specialized Funding Template

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