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Faith-Based Initiative Program

Faith-Based Initiative Program
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People with disabilities want to be active participants and meaningful contributors in their community. They want the same choices to grow spiritually, to enjoy community life and experience relationships.

Our mission is to support...

Individuals with developmental disabilities: who want the same choices to grow spiritually, to enjoy community life, and have meaningful relationships as others in the community.
Parents: who seek to find faith communities that will welcome them and their children.
Congregants: who seek to find a "meaningful way" to include people with developmental disabilities in their faith community.

State and voluntary agencies: who seek to find the best ways to offer continuous support and opportunities for person with disabilities to participate in this important part of their life.

Save the Date - October 22, 2014:  Building Inclusive Communities In a Time of Change: Respecting Faith, Language and Culture in the Lives of People with Developmental Disabilities - (Spanish version)

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